Novel Creative Movement

A bit of yoga, mobility, alignment, ballet, improv, and contemporary exploration mix together to create a warm welcome into the festival weekend! Dancers will stretch, articulate, flow, and work through continuous movement patterns leaving every body awakened and relaxed.

Lyle Oberman

Mingle and Mocktails

Join us for a time to connect with one another over some tasty & refreshing beverages.

Beverages will be infused with local medicines from Yarb Apothecary.

Emmy Kinnally

Open Mic

Join us, on Friday, July 1st at 8PM for an open-mic night like no other. Hosted by Bxmbi, Sophia Ordaz, and Jordan Leake, we welcome all poets, musicians, and theatrical performers to showcase their talents to our community.

Preston Poindexter


Movement Class

Movement Class will use fun and challenging partner games to explore coordination, locomotion, strength, and mobility. Learn new and interesting complex movement patterns inspired by the Ido Portal Method that will challenge your brain and your body equally!

Philip Shepherd


Hip hop & modern dance fusion

Get ready to experience an eclectic class with CeCe at FMF. She blends post modern floor work and hip hop dance grooves to create a unique movement style set to your favorite r&b and rap tunes. CeCe’s vibrant teaching creates a community atmosphere that will empower you to move with confidence, love on your body and reclaim your swag.

CeCe Marie

Tea Ceremony

*Limited Spacing*

Join Shelby for a grounding experience as we sit together with the medicine of tea. Drinking tea is an ancient practice that can be a soothing balm to that which ails you as well as hold space for your growth and becoming. Together we will create space in the body, mind and heart through stillness as we allow tea to work her magic within us. There is no experience necessary to partake in this offering.

Shelby Ragsdale

Barefoot Hike

Human beings aren’t born with shoes on! Free your feet and let the natural beauty of Mount Sequoyah in through your soles. We will keep an easy pace, explore the sensations of barefoot movement, and invite peace, presence, and joy to every step.

Doran Morgenstern


Elevate both your heart rate and your mood with this class inspired by dynamic moves to an uplifting tone. We will take Cardio Dance up a notch by adding in strength training intervals to tone and sculpt your muscles.

Candace Siebenmorgen

Explorative Dance

Explorative Dance is a creative movement ritual class developed by Lela Besom. The guided work in this class is growing from Tatsumi Hijaka and Kazuo Ohno’s Butoh Dance Theatre artistry and may incorporate butoh technique, contact improv technique, Noguchi Taiso exercise, as well as writing and meditation. Butoh syncs the imagination with muscle in acute concentration. It connects the dancer to their deep inner worlds, the environment, their fellow dancers, and audience. This is an adult level class and otherwise available to all including folks with varying mobilities.

Lela Besom

Dance Improv

Blake will lead a 1.5 hours contactless improvisation class where dancers have the agency to do as much or as little as they would like. Blake will be in socks but if you prefer sneakers or barefeet make sure they are clean!

Blake Worthey

Sacred Sound Bath (432hz)

Join us for an ancient sound healing experience where you will melt away anxieties and tensions and tune your body and soul like an instrument. In this deeply meditative experience, we will be activating ancient codes and invoking cellular alignment with the power of sacred sound. You will be invited to breathe, tone your energy centers, chant, and relax in shivasana for a 432 hz sound bath of crystal singing bowls.


Spiral Mechanics + Movement

Creative rhythm and sensitively integrated stillness are linked through surrender to breath in a multi-planar, primal flow. You will be encouraged to take agency over your own experience through challenging postures with an atmosphere of honesty, curiosity, and openness.

Haleigh Smith

Hip Hop Movement

Joshoua will lead you through an engaging and challenging hip hop movement class that will focus on learning a choreographed routine that promotes positivity and fulfillment.

Joshoua Vang

Contemporary Dance

Karen's contemporary dance class builds on principles of ballet and modern dance to find new and expansive ways of moving. Utilizing gravity and exploring energy changes to connect movements, students will be encouraged to move with both control and abandon as they navigate the dance space.

Karen Castleman

Euphonia Silent Yoga

EUPHONIA is a moving meditation with a soultronic soundtrack. This practice is a "silent yoga", in that, these noise-canceling headphones silence the outside world, making it easier for you to still your mind, feel the music, and align with the cues.

Music has a way of loosening knots in the heart - shifting and massaging moods and inspiring lightness of being. Euphonia incorporates tasteful music to balance ease with effort, creating and encapsulating the individual experience.

Mishiah Crute

Fire & Ice Adventure

If you feel like your mind is constantly racing out of control and that you aren’t living in your true passion and purpose, you need the fire and ice adventure reset. A fire and ice life is about finding balance, alignment, knowing what ignites you and what cools you off. It’s time to light your heart on fire and find crystal clarity by putting your mind on ice. If you want to live a life that no one else has, you have to be willing to do things that no one else does. Join Anna, the transformational Breathwork life coach, for a Breathwork and Ice Bath total body, mind, and spirit reset. It’s time to activate from the inside out and put your potential into action. Get ready to UNLEASH, UNLOCK, AND UNTETHER SO THAT YOU CAN BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.

Anna Prieto

Gratitude Hike

Lucus will guide you on a hike with the intention of invoking a deep sense of gratitude for the land beneath our feet. We will focus on the beautiful Sequoyah woods and we will connect inwards towards the flow of life that pulses in each and everyone of us.

Lucus Debuhr

Shakti Flow

Shakti flow is a sensual movement practice to cultivate the feminine divine within all of us. We will invite earth energies into our womb space, our heart and voice. We are invited to close our eyes and tune into our own pleasures through breath, sound, movement, smell and self touch. The feminine can show up in infinite ways to nourish your practice. Tonia will guide you to follow your pleasure in circular and rhythmic flows. Bring a yoga mat, sensual clothes, scarves and any earthly items to offer the goddess alter (feathers, rocks, candles, flowers).

Tonia Squires

Contact Improv (CI)

Ari will teach specific body movement patterns that are useful when practicing CI. While teaching specific lifts, she will help partners practice: safety, lifting using minimal effort, staying light while being lifted, and how to be responsive to the unspoken communication happening in each moment. Participants will leave with an empowered sense of their boundaries and possibilities.

The practice of CI will teach you to listen to your body and learn from it's wisdom while following a shared point of contact with another mover. We are first respectful and reverent to the body in it's capacity for healing ourselves and others. Bring the body you have, injuries and all. Ready, Set, PLAY!

WHAT TO BRING. It's recommended that you wear layers and choose movement clothes that are not slippery. If you have knee pads, please bring them, we also have several pairs to lend out.

Ari Christopher

Cleanse + Align

A sound bath experience.

The goal of this sound bath is to create a very safe and comfortable space for transmitting cultivated energies of peace, stability, stillness, love, and deep feminine currents of surrender, mystery, and sacredness. These event containers are ripe for self healing and growing more awareness of one’s energy field and innate wisdom of the heart essence. To attend a sound bath, one needs to bring a mat or thick pad, a pillow, perhaps a bolster and blanket, water, and a willingness to relax and receive. Amy Babb will be offering acupuncture during this healing experience.

Shri (Regina)

90's Rock'n Yoga Groove

Get ready to smell some teen spirit as we move, groove and flow with some of the killer sounds that came from the 90's. We will be "Tripping Billies", "Walking in Memphis" and flowing with an "Even Flow" (Pearl Jam style). Don't worry if you are not savvy to the 90's, these tunes will rock your socks off. Also, if you are new-ish to yoga this will be your class! It is all levels and easily led. But, make sure you bring your water and a sweat towel, this will be non-stop movement and you won't "want to come back down from this cloud". Get ready to rock, pop, move and have a blast!

Nicole Petlier


A jam is a free space to move your body in any shape or form. You may connect with other bodies in this fluid space. And sometimes that point of contact becomes its own dance. We invite you to use the principles of Ari's CI in this open jam session space.

Ari Christopher

Soul Get Down

Make time to rest on Saturday, because you won't want to miss this femcee shake up the dance floor.

"I strive to keep everyone movin’ and shakin’! You can even bring your ma or pa to the party because with my set we all kickin’ it like karate!”

DJ Ambrosia


Dynamic Strength and Longevity Training

Christian Van Camp’s approach to movement and fitness combines knowledge of functional anatomy, with an understanding of the relationships between the musculoskeletal system, posture, and breathing to create a full picture of the human body. He can help guide you through the importance of hypertrophy (muscle-building) training, fundamental alignment and animalistic movements, and functional longevity exercises to support you and your daily, active life.

Christian Van Camp

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a free-form movement practice where participants are encouraged to drop into their body and allow movement to naturally and freely happen. During this 60-minute session, Allison will be your sonic architect, crafting a curated DJ set that will support you as you allow your body to express itself freely through movement. We will begin with a short meditation & intention-setting to drop into a sacred space. Allison will perform a live DJ set designed to take you on a musical journey of transformation and healing.

To respect each individual's cathartic process, we maintain a sober and internal space. Talking is discouraged in the space. Come as you are.. no dance experience required! Let your body move to your heart's content in this safe and encouraging environment.

Allison Soeung

Moving Mindfulness

Come join us for pranayama (breath) practice and light asana (pose) movement to prepare ourselves for a deeper connection within through dhyana (meditation). We will also explore ways to experience relaxation and clarity off the mat.

Shakira Eakins

Rejuvenation Hike + Flow

Come recharge and refresh on this rejuvenating experience through the wilderness of the Ozarks. Barret will lead a hike to a scenic summit followed by a mini asana and pranayama practice. There will be time for photos and site seeing at the summit and we will return back to the festival full on natures medicine. Please bring proper footwear, water, and any other supplies you may need. No yoga mat will be required.

Barret Knutson

Self-love & Soft Tissue

You will learn how to use your soft tissue rolling practice with breath and attention to release trigger points lodged in your physical body as well as emotional and thinking bodies.

This is an intimate practice of honest inquiry, surrender, and pleasure that will support you through the hardest and the softest moments of life.

Haleigh Smith


Heaven Nature Gong Standing Form

Amy will guide you through a Qigong warm-up and the sequence of movements called Heaven Nature Gong inspired by the enlightened being Kuan Yin. Like the teachings of Kuan Yin, this practice helps each person feel the sacredness of the body by removing blockages and dissolving physical and emotional pain. We invite love and qi to nourish the wisdom residing in us all and to experience the grace of our compassionate heart.

Please come dressed to move freely without tight restrictions or pants too long that will trip you up. Bare feet or shoes are recommended as socks will be too slippery. All levels and abilities are welcome, you can do it all in your mind and still receive the benefits.

Amy Wolf

Guided Nature Writing

Find new ways to honor and express yourself in this outdoor guided writing session. We’ll get outside and find a sensory starting point in the natural world, then use some simple techniques to get our creative juices flowing. This is a low-pressure chance to rekindle a journaling practice, explore your inner poet or storyteller, or simply breathe, anchor, and observe. At the end, we’ll come together in a circle where those who want to can share their creations.

(Paper and pen will be available, but if you have a special notebook, bring it!)

Megan Blankenship

All Levels Flow

A fun feel good flow focused on properly aligning your body and connecting breath with movement. This will be a calming flow for the mind to enhance relaxation and stress relief. All levels are welcome.

Chrissy Dennis

Cardio Groove

Cardio Groove incorporates Hip Hop, Dancehall, Latin, Soca and Popular music with strength training for an awesome total body workout.

At Kultured Cardio Fitness LLC, our mission is to encourage everyone to find their fit. Find what you love to do and do it consistently. Ours is Dance Fitness. We know if you find something you love to do, you are more likely to stick with it and be successful.

We want to show minorities like ourselves how to be proactive vs reactive regarding health and wellness. This is often not taught to us in our communities, and because we have not made health and wellness a priority, we as minorities were the demographic hit hardest during COVID. We are shifting the mindset in our communities . Showing people who may not workout that they need to make their health and wellness a priority, and that working out can be fun. Leading by example, because if we did it they can too. No longer working out situationally based on what event is coming up, but making Health and Wellness a lifestyle..If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!

Kathy Johnson

"All Rise" Yoga Service

Love is the mission of this offering. Join us in a playful, devotional yoga flow. Expect to hear spiritual yoga tunes and Gospel music. Get ready to move with inspiration, devotion and passion. This will be a spiritual ( IN-Spired ), all-levels class, all styles, all ages. This is nondenominational, all beliefs are welcome (or absence of any belief). We only accept everyone, so come one, come all. Also, just for fun, we invite you to wear your Sunday Best, i.e., white-ish yoga wear, a dress over your yoga clothes, etc.

Nicole Petlier