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Gaga / People

Maree ReMalia

The Gaga movement language originated from the belief in the healing, dynamic, ever-changing power of movement. Choreographer, Ohad Naharin, developed Gaga over the course of many years and it is now applied in the daily practice of Israel’s Batsheva Dance Company. Gaga / people classes offer a framework for users to connect to their bodies and imaginations, experience physical sensations, improve their flexibility and stamina, exercise their agility and explosive power, and enjoy the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting atmosphere. Throughout the class, participants are guided by a series of evocative instructions to increase awareness of and further amplify sensation. Rather than turning from one prompt to another, information is layered, building into a multisensory, physically challenging experience. While many instructions are imbued with rich imagery, the research of Gaga is fundamentally physical, insisting on a specific process of embodiment. Inside this shared research, the improvisational nature of the exploration enables each participant’s deeply personal connection with Gaga.

Gaga/people classes run approximately 1-hour and are open to people ages 16+, no previous experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement; layers recommended. To create a less self conscious environment, class is conducted without mirrors and observers are not permitted.

Mingle and Mocktails

Join us for a time to connect with one another over some tasty & refreshing craft beverages, handcrafted by locals, Max Antonio and Athen Brandon from The Commons Bar in Theatre Squared!

Max Antonio and Athen Brandon

Open Mic

Preston Poindexter

Join us on Friday, June 30th for an open-mic night like no other. Hosted by Bxmbi, Sophia Ordaz, and Jordan Leake, we welcome all poets, musicians, and theatrical performers to showcase their talents to our community.

Saturday (AM)

Sequoyah Hike

Stephanie Jordan

Join Naturalist, Stephanie Jordan, for a casual and awakening walk through the Mount Sequoyah woods. This 60 minute hike will wind through the terrain on the eastern slope of Mount Sequoyah. Participants are invited to ground with the Earth, to synchronize with with their breath, and to connect with other participants during this time (though do be mindful of others).

Bring your coffee, natural bug spray, and boots (though barefoot is okay too!) and energize yourself with forest energy!

**CANCELED**Gentle Heart Morning Flow

Join Shakira for a morning Hatha flow that will leave space for you to gently wake up your body. She will lead you through movement variation, pranayama practice, and meditation that will aid you in feeling the connection of your energy with the energy of the community.

All levels and bodies are welcome!

Shakira Eakins


Moving from Silence

Joy Fox

Most of us are exhausted from feeding, promoting, demoting, and comparing our ever-present ego.

Moving From Silence will be an aspiration, perhaps unattainable.

Let us see what kind of show the “mind-monkeys” want to produce…let us be kind to them!

Somatic Floor Work

This class includes a series of somatic exercises that invite awareness and curiosity around our bodies’ muscles and bones as intelligent and adaptive structures. We practice exploring structural integrity and supported range of motion, focusing on spinal articulations and deep support from the pelvis. These experiences will then be transferred to an encounter with floor work - crawling, rolling, scooting, laying etc.

Please bring long layers of clothing to move comfortably on the floor. This class is designed with beginners in mind and should also be enjoyable for intermediate or professional movers.

Heidee Alsdorf

Sensual Movement

Inspired by the Diva Dive’s signature class -- Down and Dirty Floorwork-- but without the pole. Sally will begin with a full body warm up to discover the muscles we need to articulate these deep movements. Participants will flow through challenging exercises and focus on floorwork while also opening our bodies and minds to visualize and accept ourselves as sexual beings. Come ready to sweat, play, and feel sexy. Leggings and knee pads are recommended but not required.

Miss Sally

Movement Class

Movement Class will use fun and challenging partner games to explore coordination, locomotion, strength, and mobility. Learn new complex movement patterns inspired by the Ido Portal Method that will challenge your brain and your body equally!

Philip Shepherd

Bird Watching

(90 min)

If you're looking for a way to enjoy a few quiet moments in nature, grab your water bottle and a pair of sturdy shoes to explore the birds that call northwest Arkansas home during the summer with Wild Birds Unlimited's Education Director, Lauren Eno. Whether it's seeing fledgling birds learning to forage, or trying to spot your backyard favorites, "Explorin with Lauren" is a great way for both beginner and more established bird-watchers alike to catch a glimpse of some of our feathered friends in their natural habitat. In addition to that, you'll pick up tips to make your backyard oasis a more bird-friendly place!

Lauren Eno

Gong Song:

Shift Your Perceptions through Sound and Vibration

There is a deep stillness at the core of our being from which all possibilities flow.

Join Jamie as she guides you to this place with the ethereal sounds of Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Bells and more.

The journey will begin with deep breathing, intention setting, and centering. As you settle, you will be transported on a deep healing journey as the beautiful, otherworldly sounds and vibrations of these ancient instruments completely surround and infuse you. A gentle return will complete this magical hour.

What to bring?

Your favorite soft mat, pillow and blanket—anything you'd like to facilitate a comfortable and sacred lying down experience.

Jamie Leigh White

Euphonia Silent Yoga

Join us for Euphonia, the exclusive yoga class offered by Mishiah Yoga. Immerse yourself in a unique practice that combines yoga and music, as students wear RF (radio frequency) headphones to create a focused and flow-filled experience.

Say goodbye to distractions and excess noise as you indulge in a personalized journey of embodiment, intention, and focus. With a carefully curated playlist and cues broadcasted directly into your lovely little ears, Euphonia is designed to help you relax your mind and move your body with grace and ease.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, Euphonia is perfect for all levels. Elevate your yoga practice with Euphonia and discover the transformative power of a truly immersive and individualized experience.

Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, your ID (to hold for the headphones - keys work also), and maybe a sweat towel.

Mishiah Crute

Saturday (PM)

Fire & Ice Adventure

(90 min)

Learn how to build resiliency, release the ego, and train the body and the mind to become the best version of yourself through with the power of breath and ice.

How to prepare and what to bring:

- Come well hydrated and ideally on an empty stomach

- Bring something to get wet in and something dry to change into after, towel, journal + pen, water, blanket, pillow, eye cover (whatever you need to get comfortable).

Who this is for:

People with bodies, who breathe, all ages.

We will open with some light movement, intention sharing and breathwork. Then we will build our resiliency and longevity in the ice!

Anna Prieto

CANCELED Dance Improv

Blake will lead a 1 hour contactless improvisation class where dancers have the agency to do as much or as little as they would like. Blake will be in socks but if you prefer sneakers or barefeet make sure they are clean!

Blake Worthey

Elemental Embodiment Journey

This class will guide you through a moving somatic journey into the elements as they are manifested uniquely inside of your body.

The journey is rooted in curiosity and inner witnessing. Haleigh will encourage you to explore intuitive movements that express the experience of your inner landscape.

Haleigh Smith

In Practice Session: Play

(90 min)

In Practice Session: Play is a 1-hour, guided movement experience. Through improvisational explorations and game-like structures, communally and independently, we explore a range of movement, from quiet, nuanced gestures akin to moving meditations to faster, full-bodied expressions; activate the voice; and spontaneously compose. Flowing through this range of experiences, we can be joyful and grieving, awkward and confident, silly and intentional; we can sink into the weight of our flesh, while accessing lightness in our bones and attend to our internal impulses as we sense the horizon beyond the room. No previous experience necessary, ages 16+.

Maree ReMalia

Cleanse + Align

A sound bath experience. (90 min)

In this sound bath, we will be thoroughly cleansing and restoring our energy fields and coming into a comfortable and safe resting space, anchored deeply in the home of the heart essence. Shri (Regina) will lead a guided meditation with singing bowls, a gong, chimes, and other sound healing instruments which will assist us in this transformational process. There will be ample time in the middle portion of the sound bath to journey, explore, connect inwardly, or deeply rest.

Bring yoga mats, thick pads, blankets, pillows, bolsters, or any other props you will need to be comfortable in savasana for up to 90 minutes. Make sure to hydrate well and take time after to walk slowly upon the earth and integrate. This will be a nourishing and sacred experience.

Shri (Regina)

Somatic Emotional Release

(90 min)

This workshop is an experiential practice that will teach you how to find freedom within the energetic movement of emotions, so you can move ease in Life. This healing experience will include:


Gentle Movement with breathing cues

Reiki Energy Healing Relaxation

All of the above will help you to move, to release, and to liberate from within.

Deb Lucas

Summer Moon Hike

(90 min)

Join us for a casual hike on the Mount Sequoyah Woods trail loop to enjoy the full light of the moon! We will be taking this hike nice and easy, to accommodate anyone who has an interest in experiencing this trail at night, as well as relaxing at points along the way to enjoy the night sky.

Headlamps recommended.

Erin Irizarry

NWA Bachata Beats

Beginner Bachata Lesson (9PM-10PM)
Bachata Social (10PM-2AM)

Our favorite way to move is to dance... specifically Sensual Bachata Dancing! Bachata is a form of Latin dance that originated in the Dominican Republic, revolutionized in Spain, and has since taken over all over the world! Come experience Bachata in Northwest Arkansas at the Fayetteville Movement Festival with a special class and social dance combination led by NWA Bachata Beats! Join Christian and Caity for a beginner Bachata lesson at 9:00 PM - they will be covering the basics to give you tools to use on the dance floor. No partner needed!! If you've never danced Bachata before, you don't want to miss this. At 10:00 PM, we will begin playing music, and the party will start. Dance the night away to Bachata, with a hint of salsa, merengue, and cumbia.

Find NWA Bachata Beats on Instagram and Facebook to see videos of our classes and past events - you don't want to miss out on this special edition of Bachata Beats at Miller Hall!!!

Christian and Caity

Vibro Acoustic Sound Bath

(90 min)

Join Caleb for a totally unique and immersive sound bath experience. Caleb utilizes traditional sound healing instruments, handmade instruments and modern synthesizers. During this session, he fills the room with specific synth generated frequencies while playing instruments all targeted at healing the human mind, body and soul. It is like no other sound bath you have experienced!

This will be a self guided sound bath and mediation geared at a total body reset. Bring a yoga mat, pillows, blankets or anything else you need to be as relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

Caleb Schoeppe


Forest Bathing

(90 min)

Emmie Brenzel

Celebrate summertime magic on the mountaintop with an early morning forest adventure. “Forest Bathing” or ShinrinYoku, is an evidence based holistic practice which uses immersion in nature to promote health and wellness. Class participants will learn the history of “forest medicine” and discover it’s health benefits through a guided Forest Therapy Walk. This experiential class will provide opportunities for slow movements in nature, deep listening, and close observation, with optional discussion and group sharing. Certified Forest Therapy Guide Emmie Brenzel will facilitate this outdoor class which concludes with a closing Tea Ceremony. Participants are encouraged to dress for the weather.

Adult Jazz & Choreo

Olivia teaches an upbeat jazz inspired movement class to get your blood pumping and your endorphins flowing. This class will start with a full body warm up, then lead in to simple, fun choreography and end with a calming cool down and stretch. Leave with your body and soul refreshed from moving and grooving with our incredible local community.

Olivia Cooper

Spiral Flow Yoga

Looking for a creative class that will hold space for kinesthetic insight and energetic connection? This mindful yoga session will explore the art and function of spiral movement patterns. In the flow we will utilize breathwork, notice a felt sense of actions in the body, progress through expansive posture sequences and end with a grounding relaxation.

Brandy Molloy

All Levels Flow

A fun feel good flow focused on properly aligning your body and connecting breath with movement. This will be a calming flow for the mind to enhance relaxation and stress relief. All levels are welcome.

Chrissy Dennis


A physical, mental and spiritual practice for developing strength, awareness, character, and consciousness. Kundalini yoga is called, by many, the yoga of awareness because it focuses primarily on practices that expand sensory awareness and intuition such as chanting and repetition of a pose for several minutes in order to raise individual consciousness. Considered an ADVANCED form (not for beginners) of yoga, its purpose is to cultivate the creative spiritual potential of a human.

Jimmye Whitfield


The DANCECULTure mission is to create a community where members experience joy through movement. We celebrate the sacred beauty of expression, both individually and as a community. No Dance "knowledge" required. Just be yourself!

DANCECULTure runs every Sunday morning from 10am-1pm (pop in at your convenience) in Sequoyah Hall at Mount Sequoyah. Admission is always free, yet a donation to support DANCECULTure is welcome and appreciated!

We have a few simple rules - respect others, the space and yourself. We value our members and hope you find community with us.

Facebook group: DANCECULTure


Qigong and Tai Chi

Mindful Moving Meditations

Qigong is a system of coordinated postures, movements, and breathing that facilitates the flow of energy (qi) through the body, thereby promoting health and wellness. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, qi is energy or ‘life force’ and gong describes a skill that requires practice. Establishing a daily practice of qigong, therefore, facilitates the flow of qi through the body, enhancing mental focus, relaxation, endurance, and overall health. The slow, gentle, repetitive movements also help improve posture, lessen joint pain, increase range of motion, agility, and balance.

Tai chi is both a type of qigong and an ancient Chinese internal martial art form that consists of slow meditative choreographed sequences of interconnected movements that are practiced for defense training, health benefits and meditation.

During the class we will work on some basic principles of balance and practice a couple of traditional qigong warm up exercises (The 8 Section Brocades and The 5 Elements Qigong). I will then introduce you to a short sequence of tai chi movements from the Yang Style 24 form.

Denise Greathouse

Celebration and Play

Julia Paganelli Marín
A Poetry Workshop

Our lives are worth celebrating. 🎉 Bring the joy you embodied during the Fayetteville Movement Festival to the page in this playful workshop. We'll read poets like Ross Gay, Chen Chen, and Mark Leidner, who delight in their lives and bring us delight with their poems. We will write poems of our own that explore what's worth celebrating in our lives. (There's so much!) We'll find ways to name that joy on the page. This workshop will help you find ways to keep naming the joys in your life by means of prose and poems!

Never written a poem before? That's okay! Writers of all experience levels are welcome in this workshop.

Learn more about Bee Balm Arkansas on our website or Instagram, where we post about upcoming workshops and readings.

Cardio Groove

Cardio Groove incorporates Hip Hop, Dancehall, Latin, Soca and Popular music with strength training for an awesome total body workout.

At Kultured Cardio Fitness LLC, our mission is to encourage everyone to find their fit. Find what you love to do and do it consistently. Ours is Dance Fitness. We know if you find something you love to do, you are more likely to stick with it and be successful.

We want to show minorities like ourselves how to be proactive vs reactive regarding health and wellness. This is often not taught to us in our communities, and because we have not made health and wellness a priority, we as minorities were the demographic hit hardest during the pandemic. We are shifting the mindset in our communities . Showing people who may not workout that they need to make their health and wellness a priority, and that working out can be fun. Leading by example, because if we did it they can too. No longer working out situationally based on what event is coming up, but making Health and Wellness a lifestyle..If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!

Kathy Johnson


Bekah Skaggs

POUND is a rockout, workout that incorporates Cardio HIIT movement style with music. Use Ripstix as you gain balance, build muscle, and release raw energy through sound in this all levels workout! Channel your inner rockstar with movement inspired by playing the drums.

**Please bring your own yoga mat! Sticks will be provided. Water and sweat towel, bare foot recommended.

FB: Fitness With Bekah

IG: @bekahbeast