The 2024 Team

Heidee Lyn Alsdorf

Heidee Alsdorf is a freelance dance-theatre artist, body-worker, and facilitator from the southern foothills of the Ozark Mountains – Northwest Arkansas (NWA). Heidee holds a BFA in Dance Performance from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and an MFA in Physical Threatre from Accademia dell’Arte (IT/DE/CZ) in partnership with Mississippi University for Women. They are a somatic practitioner, with a certificate in Embodied Social Justice from Transformative Justice and a certification in Dry Massage Therapy from Oligenesi in Florence, Italy. They have had the privilege of interpreting works as a guest artist with The Flyover Dance Collective (USA), Novel Creative Movement (USA), TeeBoDans (USA), Broken Jump Theatre (IT), Spazio Seme (IT), and several independent choreographers. Their works have been presented by Collaborative Arts Lab (IT), Creative Spaces NWA (USA), CACHE Studios (USA), CRISISArts Festival (IT), and Spettatori Erranti La Festa (IT). Heidee’s approach to dance-theatre is decidedly anti-cartesean, life-affirming and collaborative, interlacing critical explorations in somatic experiencing, impulse, gesture, and community building.

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Blake Worthey

Blake Worthey is a Black American, dance-theater and teaching artist from Memphis, Tennessee. Currently he is interested in dialectical technologies inherent in creative spaces and how they can inform building a more equitable world outside of our artistic lives. His training includes a B.F.A in Dance Performance from University of Arkansas-Little Rock, Modus Operandi (Vancouver,BC), Orsalina 28 (Italy), BodyTraffic (LA) and imitating various dance & kung fu movies circa 2004. While in Vancouver he got to work with amazing people from OutInnerSpace, RadicalSystemArt, Company 605, Parts + Labour, Mutable Subject, and Social Ritual. He has been a guest artist with Northwest Arkansas Ballet Theater- notably performing the lead role in Immortal Beloved: Possessed By Genius by Ryan Jolicoeur-Nye. Most recently he has performed as part of Nick Cave’s UNTIL showing his self-created work in progress, Do You Know What You’re Doing Here and collaborated with BODYSONNET in the work I Woke Up on Skyline Drive.

Outside of dancing, his favorite thing is when you're on the phone and you hear the smile in the other person’s voice. Also he’s the kind of person that says to himself “What is happening?”. Often. Probably too often if we’re being honest.

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Maree ReMalia

Maree ReMalia is a collaborative choreographer and performer, teaching artist, and certified Gaga instructor. An adoptee born in South Korea and raised in Ohio, embodied practice and creative process support her ability to persevere, access joy and pleasure, feel belonging, be with complexity, and consider new possibilities. She welcomes folks from across disciplines and identities into these unfolding processes in settings ranging from professional and community-based to academic and conservatory. In her dance-making and facilitation she draws from her professional experience and training in improvisational methods in contemporary and postmodern dance practices, theater, writing, voice work, visual art, somatics and body work. Through these experiences, she aims to cultivate care and connection in understanding a fuller range of ourselves and each other so that we are not only training our bodies for performance, but opening possibilities for how we can be together – both in our dancing and in our broader lives.

IG: @ma_ma_lia

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Julia Paganelli Marín

Julia Paganelli Marín is a poet in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and the creator of Bee Balm, a community writing experience. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arkansas and has more than six years of teaching experience. Her editorial work has included reading and selection of work for The Arkansas International and Up North Lit. In addition to her chapbook, Blush Less (Finishing Line Press, 2015), her work has been published in The Journal, Zone 3, Passages North, The Comstock Review, and more.

IG: @beebalmarkansas

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Todd Belin

Todd Belin, dancer/choreographer and owner of MOVES IN MOTION LLC created to Impact, Inspire, and Motivate individuals through movement. His mission is to create opportunities for the performing arts and provide services for all things entertainment! Belin graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a BFA in Dance Performance. Belin has studied Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and other styles. Todd moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to continue building his career and studying the numerous styles of ethnic and urban dance. Belin has worked with many companies nationwide, such as Dallas Black Dance Theater, Arkansas Festival Ballet, Ozark Ballet Theater, Afriky LoLo, ATLA Connect, and Contra Tiempo. He has been published in many articles for his work, such as Shoutout Atlanta, Voyage ATL, Inviting Arkansas, Butterfly Magazine, Voyage Memphis, and Arkansas Democratic Gazette. Todd offers group/private dance sessions, community dance classes, mentorship, and is currently a dance instructor at Arkansas Arts Academy’s High School in Rogers, Arkansas. He is passionate about helping inspire the upcoming generation of dancers and creating a positive space for all movers!

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Lela Besom

Lela Besom is an interdisciplinary artist based in NorthWest Arkansas. She plays on stages, in green spaces, and In Sta screen. She is a writer of free thought, plays, and essays. An educator and creative movement teacher. Anchored in Butoh Dance Theatre, painting, and writing, Besom develops values driven art through various media; primarily her body. A former member of DAIPANbutoh Collective in Seattle, WA and the international co-created performance project Trio De Femmes, Besom has studied Butoh and performed with master Butoh teachers on multiple continents since 2013. She has been teaching her class called Explorative Dance in NWA since 2019.

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Na’Tosha De’Von

Na’Tosha De’Von, was born in Chicago IL, and raised in Mississippi. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in Theatre and Speech Communication from Thee Jackson State University. And an MFA in Acting from the University of Arkansas. Na’Tosha began her career in acting and poetry by way of God’s Design, believing that the premise of her art is to expose and heal. Through her poetry she has worked with prominent figures fighting for social injustice and human rights including: Dr. Cornell West, Danny Glover, Ilyasah Shabazz, Myrlie Evers, and Common. Her acting career has led her to appear in several Walmart and Tyson commercials. She can be seen in the series ‘Chase the Lion’ on the TBN television network. She is also featured in the feature film “Freedom's Path”. Na’Tosha has worked extensively with theatre companies both Regional and Non-Regional focusing on both classical and non-classical text. Na’Tosha is a casting assistant for Actors Casting Agency (ACA) in Arkansas. She is a published poet, with works in notable literary sites including Literary Sanctuary. With her art, Na’Tosha desires to inspire and mentor younger artists who hold similar backgrounds to her. She wants to instill in young artists that with hard work and creativity, anything is possible.

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Olivia Cooper

A native of Fayetteville, Olivia teaches acrobatic-dance, introductory dance and PBT. She holds certifications in Module 1 Acrobatic Arts and Progressing Ballet Technique. She teaches a variety of classes at Dance by Eliese in Fayettevillle, including a Monday night adult movement dance class.

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CeCe Marie

CeCe is a dance maker, director, yoga teacher and pioneer in Arkansas’ dance community. She tells stories through a unique lens based on grief, motherhood, faith and advocacy for racial equality. She’s collaborates with public events, artists and organizations to deliver innovative performances shedding light on impactful stories and issues. Her work involves choreography for dance companies, music videos, short films and University of Arkansas theatre and music departments. CeCe leads Arkansas Arts Academy's elementary dance program where she trains young dancers daily, but her love for teaching was ignited when she launched her adult hip hop classes in 2016.

IG: @cecemariechoreography

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Claudia Smith

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Claudia evolved as a movement specialist from a background in modern dance, pilates, prison yoga, MovNat, Foundation Training, and functional movement & therapeutic breath work. Claudia loves to learn about movement, but she no longer adheres to a particular technique or style. Claudia instead finds purpose by empowering people to stay curious about their movement and to find what that feels good in their movement to improve overall vitality, wellbeing, and sense of ease.

Carlos y Susan

Carlos Gómez y Susan De Beras, renowned dancers, choreographers, and instructors of tropical dances such as Bachata, Merengue, and On2 style Salsa, have amassed valuable experience throughout their 10-year partnership. Originally from the Dominican Republic, they settled in Northwest Arkansas in 2021, leading Raza Dance Studio. Their commitment is to provide a unique learning experience in the area. They take pride in their ability to connect with students and create a positive, inclusive learning environment. Their teaching method is rooted in the belief that anyone can learn to dance, regardless of age, skill level, or background. They have a deep passion for sharing their knowledge and love for Latin dance, witnessing their students grow and develop their unique style. As performers, Carlos and Susan are known for their dynamic and emotive routines, showcasing their technical prowess and chemistry as a dance duo. They have participated and performed in over 100 international dance festivals, solidifying their reputation as one of the top Latin dance duos in the industry.

Mycayla Sawyer

Mycayla Sawyer is an Arkansas native. She has been dancing recreationally and competitively since she was a child, trained in all genres. She has coached and choreographed for award-winning competitive school dance teams across Northwest Arkansas for 6 years. Mycayla has performed at big events such as the NWA Fashion Week hosted by Interform and even danced internationally. Mycayla is the organizer of NWA Dance Collective, a FREE bi-weekly adult dance experience in Northwest Arkansas. Her favorite style to teach is a toss-up between hip-hop and jazz. Besides anything dance-related, Mycayla loves to travel in her free time."

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Erin Irizarry

Erin is the branch manager of @GearheadOutfitters in Fayetteville, an Arkansas native, and avid outdoor enthusiast with over a decade of experience in the industry. She believes that the outdoors is for everyone and strives to expand access through her role at Gearhead. Whether you are exploring your own backyard or embarking on a once and a lifetime adventure, you can trust to find quality products backed by deep expertise inside any of the many family owned Gearhead Outfitters locations. Erin's favorite forms of movement are: rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, yoga, and meditation. You can connect with her on instagram @_carryonkid or stop by the Block Ave. shop in historic downtown Fayetteville.

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Michael and Melody

Michael Vasquez is a dance instructor, artist, poet, and a dj from Tahlequah, Oklahoma and he is owner of 3levated Dance in NWA. Michael is working on a book about dance and energy, as he aspires to teach and spread dance more profoundly. Michael beliefs that dance is a tool for people to evolve, one step at a time.

His training started in Alaska, while he was in the military stationed at Ft. Richardson. He began dancing at Alaska dance promotions training under international instructors. He continued to train for the next 5-6 years in Latin dance, all over internationally! Training, performing, and teaching in Alaska, LA, Memphis, Las Vegas, Dallas, and so on. Michael also trained with Fred Astaire dance studios in ballrooms styles such as waltz, rhumba, cha cha cha, and tango. He spent time dancing in Little Rock where he worked with Dancing with the Stars, before moving to NWA in 2020.

The last 3 years Michael has focused on his dance community here and leveling up his business with his partner Melody McGuire who is also his love, and also runs 3levated Dance with him. Together they have spent over 20 years leaning dance and teaching it to all those who want to learn!

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Organi City

Organi City was born to create visual sociopolitical, cultural, emotional and ancestral discourse that draw from the performers' own place and lived experiences in the world through the human body as our primary artistic medium. A performance collective that creates original work through freestyle-improvisation, Hip-Hop, Breaking, House dance, voice-text and floorwork, Organi City consists of ten dancers: JayWAN, Hailey Britton, Irving Maldonado, Andrea Kienlen, Athena Wilson, Jasmine Seegmiller, Sam Mandelbaum, Rishon Harvey, Albert Corbett, and Raven Ho. Four of our cast members will be traveling from San Marcos, Texas and performing at the Fayetteville Movement Festival 2024 for the first time.

Justin Tiernes

Justin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Breathwork Specialist, and Mindset & Performance Coach. He is the founder of True Self Health & Human Performance, where he focuses on supporting high-achieving humans to reach their greatest potential and truest version of self. His passion for cold immersion and breathwork began in 2015 when he learned about Wim Hof. He loves building communities, facilitating workshops, and staying up to date with the latest evidence-based practices. Dr. Ternes currently resides in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. He is a sports enthusiast, nature lover, community leader, and passionate teacher of his work.

Clementine Simpson

Clementine is a Fayetteville local and recent Bachelors of Science in Nursing graduate from the University of Arkansas. While pursuing her degree, she rediscovered her passion for skating and started a skate group called Arkansas Roller Skate Crew in March of 2021. She’s been hosting monthly events for the local community and has a mission to turn every gathering into a celebration of movement, art, and pure fun on wheels. While she specializes in downhill quad skating, she incorporates all styles of skating in her meetups and creates a space welcome to all levels and backgrounds. She provides private lessons and you can find more information on her website

IG: @clem.skates and @arrollerskatecrew.

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Philip Sheperd

Philip is an advanced Movement practitioner and teacher living in Fayetteville, AR. His physical practice started when he received his black belt in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 16. He then studied music and quickly started performing locally with various music groups. After receiving his 200-hour and 500-hr Yoga Teacher certifications at the Circle Yoga Shala and teaching classes for 5 years, he began the 1000-hour Yoga Therapy Certification to become a professional Yoga Therapist. In 2020 he became an online student of the Ido Portal method and continues to study and teach advanced Movement concepts, integrating aspects of gymnastics, dance, martial arts and weightlifting. Philip works part time as the Rehab Director at Thrive Wellness Center in Fayetteville and offers in-person and online movement, fitness, and therapy coaching.

IG: @philipmoves

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Anne Christiana

With over 20 years of practice and teaching experience, Annie is a yoga instructor who believes in the transformative powers we all hold within. By tapping into our intuitions we are able to harness the inherent wisdom and intelligence of our physical and spiritual selves. Annie’s classes are centered around the alchemy of duality building awareness through our breath, bodies and minds in order to live a wholistic life. Annie has completed numerous workshops and trainings with various teachers around the globe including Ana Forrest, Doug keller, Elena Brower and Meghan Currie. Annie has been holding space for groups and one on one sessions in Fayetteville for over 15 years. You can currently find her teaching and practicing at Trailside Yoga and Beyond, and various other places in the area.

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Kathy Johnson

I am Kathy Johnson the owner and CEO of Kultured Cardio Fitness LLC. Our mission is to encourage everyone to find their fit. Find what you love to do and do it consistently. Ours is Dance Fitness. We know if you find something you love to do, you are more likely to stick with it and be successful. We want to show minorities like ourselves how to be proactive vs reactive regarding health and wellness. This is often not taught to us in our communities, and because we have not made health and wellness a priority, we as minorities were the demographic hit hardest during COVID. We are shifting the mindset in our communities . Showing people who may not workout that they need to make their health and wellness a priority, and that working out can be fun. Leading by example, because if we did it they can too. No longer working out situationally based on what event is coming up, but making Health and Wellness a lifestyle..If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!

IG: @cardiogroovewithkathy

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Jamie Leigh White

While deep in the cosmic ocean of soothing sounds and inspirational vibrations during her first gong bath, Jamie knew then that gongs were the answer to her search for inner peace.

A few months later at Gong Camp, a school in Pennsylvania led by Mitch Nur, she bought her first three gongs and a variety of bells and mallets. A workshop at Memphis Gong Chamber with Don Conreaux, added to her collection of gongs and other smaller instruments. During multiple trips to India, she selected a wide variety of Himalayan style singing bowls, bells and rattles to bring home. These eclectic mix of instruments makes up her unique meditative Gong Song experience.

For the past 30 years, Jamie has been a massage and craniosacral therapist in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and has taught yoga as community outreach at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Through massage, yoga and Gong Song, Jamie brings physical and spiritual relief to her clients and students. The greatest benefit, she feels, is her ability to help them reach states of deep relaxation and tune into their own inner wisdom.

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Tonia Squires

Tonia squires has had the honor of sharing her yoga practice for the last 5 years. Her practice has evolved from hot power yoga with forearm poses and pretzel twists to where she is today which is a slow and sensual practice accessible to all beings. Tonia has her 200 hr YTT from The Yoga Shala in Jasper Arkansas. Tonia is an RN of 26 years working in maternal child. She’s a certified Lactation Consultant, Childbirth Educator and Doula. Tonia Is a mother of four. She enjoys deepening her practice with tantra workshops, Shakti yoga and being intimate with nature. She laughs easily and smiles big. You are sure to feel welcome in her space.

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Chrissy Dennis

Hairdresser buy trade, Chrissy has been practicing yoga for 25 years. She has since developed her own teaching her "style" of yoga for 13 years to encompass all types of bodies and all types of philosophies. She has gathered bits and pieces of pilates, physical therapy, yoga, meditation and even dance to put together a special individual experience to anyone who takes her class.

Find her classes on the Clubhaus schedule.

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Chris Morehead

Chris is a 500 hour E-RYT & teaches a variety of styles, but loves sharing slow, fluid, and rhythmic vinyasa classes. His classes are purposeful & engaging with skillful instruction. Outside of yoga Chris is trained in circus arts and contortionism and loves spending time with his horses

Chris's class will create length in your body and connection to your soul. As one student put it, "he makes me feel my feelings! And I love it." His classes may be challenging but his expertise makes them accessible to all.

IG: @chrismoreyoga.

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Lauren Eno

Lauren Eno is the Education Director and Assistant Manager at Wild Birds Unlimited in Fayetteville, AR where shares her love and deep knowledge of wildlife, songbirds, and environmental science with audiences of all ages. With a degree in Environmental Science and growing up as a bird watcher in Vermont, Lauren has been successfully teaching wildlife education for nearly a decade across the country. Lauren is a sought-out speaker and takes pride in providing high-quality, entertaining, and informational topics to the NWA community. Since she started with Wild Birds Unlimited in 2020, Lauren has been teaching local customers, adults, and children by helping customers create their ideal birdwatching oasis, facilitating custom feederscaping, leading seasonal bird walks across NWA, and teaching students the importance of creating a healthy and responsible habitat for birds and other creatures. Wild Birds Unlimited partners with schools, Girl Scouts, Arkansas Master Gardeners, students at the Institute of Lifelong Learning at U of A and other organizations across NWA to provide this educational service. So, whether you want to know which birds are in the area right now, how to attract more species to your yard, what to feed or how to house songbirds, or where to see our many colorful bird species, come "Explorin' with Lauren".

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Emmie Brenzel

Emmie Brenzel has over thirty years of experience in Holistic Health and Wellness working as a Registered Nurse and Health Coach. Her background includes training in a variety of complementary health practices and knowledge of the human energy system as a Healing Touch Practitioner. She has been certified as a Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and graduated from the Osage Forest of Peace School of Spiritual Direction. Emmie owns a local business, Ozark Forest Therapy, providing group Forest Therapy Walks and Eco- Spiritual Direction.

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Ashleigh Rose

Ashleigh teaches Yin Yoga and slow, alignment-centric styles of yoga. The aim of her classes is to aid students in unplugging & unwinding from the busy nature of their lives. Through clear cues & slow pacing, she encourages students to shift their focus from the quick-paced outer world to the wisdom of their own inner world by bringing awareness to the breath and myriad of sensations within the body. Her classes are open to all levels & modifications are offered frequently.

She enjoys continued education, specifically in regards to Yin Yoga & its relation to the Chinese Meridian Theory. Through skillful sequencing, she hopes her Yin classes, infused with the understanding of the energy lines / meridian system, can help students move toward inner balance & cultivate a stronger ability to self-heal.

Off the mat, she is a business owner of an interior design company, dog mom to two doodles, trail runner, and lover of frequent travel with her husband.

IG: @arosespice

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Claudia Aguilar

Claudia Aguilar has been providing dance and fitness to the NWA community since 2010. She teaches salsa, bachata, cumbia, chacha and merengue, as well as organized dance events where her purpose is to tell people about the latin culture through dancing.

To learn more about Claudia and En Fuego, visit

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Lara Cato

Lara has been teaching yoga and pilates since 2010. She began teaching in Louisiana and has experience teaching both rehabilitative and advanced mat pilates as well as intermediate and advanced hatha yoga. Lara pursued these mindfulness practices after leaving the corporate world in order to connect students with the playfulness that movement can offer. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in the social work program at the University of Arkansas and will be joining a psychiatric practice as a therapist in May. She hopes to integrate yoga and traditional talk therapy and pursue somatic therapeutic modalities. Lara's classes are dynamic and student focused, with an emphasis on building strength and creative sequencing.

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Shelby Ragsdale

Shelby has been teaching yoga for 10 years and currently teaches Yin Yoga and Yoga for Trauma at Day By Day Studio. Her classes are intended to be a soft place to land for people to connect back to themselves through movement, breath, and stillness. You can also find her leading Yoga Teacher Trainings and continuing education courses in Fayetteville through Integrative Embodiment Institute.

Shelby holds E-RYT 500, pre/post natal and Yoga Touch & Reiki Master certifications. She is the founder of Fayetteville Yoga in the Park and loves creating community spaces for people to come together and remember their wholeness through connection.

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Jasmine Canady-Hartman

My name is Jasmine, and everyone calls me Jazzy! Since I can remember, I cannot stop moving. From growing up a dancer, running around cities, and discovering yoga for myself I have an immense passion for how movement liberates ourselves and our communities. What kept me into yoga, was diving into the roots and philosophy of the practice to learn that what created that “feel good” emotion - was more than doing the physical postures. Yoga has completely transformed my life and I can't get enough of it! When I'm not on the mat, I'm a full-time social worker/activist, a big fan of reality TV, and always up for some brunch or quirky adventures. I am excited to share the joy of creative movement with other like-minded, curious people at the movement festival!

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Sydney Wingo

Sydney is a Fayetteville native, university student, and dancer. She has been teaching dance since 2019, and working as a instructor at the Diva Dive in Fayetteville since 2021. When she's not studying you can find her teaching pole fitness and choreography. She has 5 years of competitive dance experience and continues to push boundaries with her pole work. Sydney specializes in teaching adult beginner dance classes and sensual movement. With 16 years of dance experience she loves helping students learn how to appreciate movement and letting it be a safe space for them to learn and grow. Whether it's floorwork, heels, or chair choreography she loves watching students come out of their shell and explore their bodies in a new way.

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Joseph Lucero

Joseph has been an athlete and creative for most his life. Much of Josephs work, whether marking, campaigning, or consulting, revolves around communications. Despite these enriching qualities, Joseph has still found himself with struggles that only certain passions and practices could heal.

During these times, Joseph has gravitated towards HOT/COLD therapy, travel (he has seen 25 countless and he hopes to see 100), art, fashion (especially street wear), music, dancing, singing and all forms of self-development.

He, along with Micah Hampton, is the founder of DANCECULTure which is a Sunday dance event with rotating DJs for anyone who wants to shake it up and shake it off, all whilst within a loving community environment.

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Kyndal Saverse


Heidee Lyn Alsdorf